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First of fore most, my name is Charles Chucks Chigozie. I am an Africa man original, origins from Biafrica kingdom. in the family of a noble great man, John Chucks Benson.Am the fourth and 2nd son in the family of nine blessed great talented of four girls, five boys. To God be the glory, am the lightness of my family tide. @ ruffmusicent: good music, good life. Love music, love life. When i say Ruff, you say Busy. Ruff.busy, Ruff Busy. Tears and pain promo debut song is spreading faster than bird flu. Text 046277 to 4100. When good music hit you, it make you feel no more pains, it take ya tears and turn it to joy. Ruffmusicent is fast coming up. Look forward for my upcoming tracks on or ( personal: Naturally am a gentleman, noble being, am a visionary, romantic and enthralling, despite confession of my mistake and acceptance i commit them repeatedly. my confidence and determination power needs to be enhanced and more developed. I am an easy prey of depression and tense situation, though i am a hopeful person …. dependable. Career: I am an attractive person, yet i attempt so many things twice in my life time. As i always get break through in my second chance. that’s why i do not succeed in getting the expected profit from my daily art work. I am good in textiles, accountancy, computers, shipping and electronics. Financial: I believe in realities and an imaginative planning. If i discipline myself enough, i can avail money and authority. I always show courage while facing all the barriers of life on my way. I have guts and I can show my talent at any giving time no any where, though am shy from the start. Love life: I am a kind of lover who like to be controlled. I am an intense believer of love as I assume it to be a high spiritual relationship I give and takes a lot in my relationship. Sun sign: I possessed the 12th signs of world astrologist. Pisces: Element, Water, Feelings and Emotions. Ruling planet: Moon. Favorable day: Monday. Gem stone: Pearl. Colors: White family, Cream, Green. Project fame: I have passion for good music, Ruff Music Ent play it twice. I love Singing, Dancing, Swimming, Riding, Driving. I love Football, but am not a fan of any club master. I love hunting, balling, tennis ball, basketball, base ball, wrestling, kick boxer and many more e.t.c I started writing, composing. singing and rapping, mcs, djs, and many more at the age of 16. I started recording song, street shows, end of years party, acting, back ups artist, and inward teaching at the age of 26 till update. Experience: I have worked and recorded songs with many artist… still upcoming. I got a lot of good songs and project to take care of, plus some of my past demo song and mix tape is currently blazing every where, online, the street, and every neighborhood. Still got a lot more in the Lab. Ruff music Ent.

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