Jon Ogah tips winner of 2017 BBN Tv show

Former Big Brother Nigeria housemate Jon Ogah has revealed who he feels could win the reality show among other things in an exclusive interview with in March 2017.
The BBN contestant was a fan favourite during his short stay in the house and he had the hearts of several female fans especially because of his looks. Ironically, he got evicted weeks after hence his inability to compete for the star prize.
But he has been pushing his music career ever since returning to Nigeria, a move he started with some media rounds.
On one such visits to various media houses, he stopped by at and had a good time speaking on his experience in the house as well as other career plans. 
When asked if he was paid to be a fake housemate on the show, he said:
“No I wasn’t paid. And besides I wasn’t gunning after the money because all I wanted was the exposure. That N25million can be made in one day.”
The BBN show has caused a lot of negative reactions among fans and when Jon was asked what he feels the moral lesson of the show is, he had this to say:
“First, Big Brother is a reality show and you can’t equate morality with reality and in reality, there is no right instead there is black white and grey.
"The show is for people who want to put themselves out there if you don’t want that, don’t go for it. Big Brother is simply a platform for young talented Nigerians to showcase their talent to the world if you do not want to watch, don’t.”
Jon also spoke further on who he feels could win the show.
He said:
"Marvis. She is never against anyone and that’s a good way to play the game.
"As for who could win, I’ve been saying it a lot that Bisola or Efe but I am beginning to see that the likes of Marvis, Bally or TBoss may shock us and just win. Bally is the only Northerner in the house but imagine if the whole of the North vote for him…
"Bisola can go high class and street if she wants to that is and advantage for her. Efe is more streets and one thing I now know the streets never forget their own.”
Unknown to some, Jon is also a music artiste.
He won a music reality show in 2009 when he was just 18 years old, taking home the star prize of 100,000 dollars.
The Big Brother Nigeria reality show which came back after a 10-year break has gathered unending reviews from fans and critics with some maintaining the show is too raunchy and others stressing that it leaves no moral values for the viewers.

Whatever the case, the show remains huge success owing to the social media feedbacks and numbers it garners on a daily basis from viewership and rave reviews.