Ex-housemate Uriel on keeping her reputation during 2017 BBN

Former Big Brother Nigeria contestant Ngozi Uriel Oputa has spoken on her life and times in the house during the reality TV show as well as leaving the competition with her reputation intact.
In an exclusive chat with Vanguard in March 2017, the eccentric reality show star also opened up on plans to launch her TV show as well as get her music career started among other things.

On her time in the house, she described the experience saying:

“It was an eye-opening experience for me. I thoroughly enjoyed myself in the house. I learnt a lot of things there; I learnt how to appreciate myself  in ways that I never did before now.”

On her reaction upon getting evicted instead of remaining in the house for the star prize of N25 million, she said:

“I wasn’t looking forward to emerging the winner of the reality TV show. Rather, I was actually looking forward to having a good platform to launch myself into the mainstream entertainment world. I knew I wouldn’t win, but I also knew I would need a good platform.”

She added that though she never expected to go home with N25 million, she never expected the eviction at the time it occurred and she never wanted to go home.
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However, after leaving the house and getting back to the real world she looked back and didn’t want to go back into the house again.

The dark-skinned entertainer also spoke on not having any particular winning formula while in the house as she just ran the show being herself right from the beginning.

On falling for Soma (her ‘love interest’) while in the house, she dismissed the idea saying she didn’t fall as the six weeks she spent in there was too little for anything romantic to happen.

She however maintained that she liked him in the house and that was it.

She continued:

“I didn’t fall in love. I liked the guy in the house. That was it. I can’t fall in love within six weeks. And I don’t believe in love at first sight. But I liked the guy.”

Here’s what she said about lessons learnt from her six-week period in the house:

“It doesn’t matter when you finished, but it matters what you do when you finished. I am also taking away a lesson of tolerance. I have learnt to tolerate people from different cultural backgrounds, I have equally learnt to love people from different walks of life.
"I have learnt new things from people and I have learnt the most important lesson, which is never judge a book by its cover. That for me is the biggest thing I learnt in the house.”