Kiss Daniel wants out of music label G Worldwide?

G Worldwide star act Kiss Daniel might be leaving the label following tweets he sent out on April 10 and 11 2017 but we are monitoring this closely to see just how true it is.
The Mama crooner had tweeted something many believe is a cryptic message which alludes that he is tired of his contract at the music label and cannot wait to see it elapse.
And though he hasn’t particularly said anything to confirm nor refute this, critics believe the singer could be lashing out mildly based on his experience so far.
On the microblogging site, he spoke about “one more year” and how he can’t wait [perhaps till it’s all over].
Then he wrote yet again to someone we can’t exactly determine for now saying if the latter can’t say positive and encouraging things then it’s best for them to keep quiet.
He seems to be going through some rough times and this might not be unconnected with his tweet that nobody [at the label or around him at present] is normal.
Now, it is no news that Nigerian music stars Skales and Runtown have each shown off their pricey new automobiles via Instagram all through early April 2017, but the G Worldwide act shared a picture of himself in a battered tricyle and captioned it “new whip”.
This could be yet another allusion to the fact that the label has failed to provide him necessary funding for his upkeep and more, only time will tell.
On Tuesday, April 11, 2017, he got on the social networking platform yet again and ranted about being tired of waiting, asking the label to “drop that new Kiss Daniel jam without warning”.
It remains unclear what the exact situation is but from all indications all mightn’t be well at the label which also houses rising dancehall star Sugarboy.
Star.naij have made efforts to reach the singer’s management but nothing positive has come off it, we will continue to press them for comments however.
In any case, industry watchers and insiders say it could be real that Kiss Daniel wants out as music label structures in Nigeria are largely unstructured. 
An A&R expert in Nigeria categorically told us this:
“This is not the first of its kind. This will not be the last too. Many more artistes will fall out with their labels and the reasons are simple.
“First, music labels in Nigeria don’t understand the terrain enough and they run with the flow just anyhow they assume. They need to get lawyers involved and financial managers to help them organize their cash flow systems, however little the label is generating.
“Also, artistes need to be reminded of their contractual obligations which they must never go against.
"Lastly, it is important not to live beyond one’s means as an entertainer in Nigeria. This is not Hollywood and royalties hardly ever come in. You are only confortable when you are popping and playing at gigs or making movie appearances, so maximize and save for the rainy day as no one can be hot forever.”

Interesting details there. By the way, we’ve gathered Kiss Daniels tweets below, chew on them and let us know what you feel: