Reality TV star Bisola on Efe's win, her career plans and more

Since returning to Nigeria after the 2017 Big Brother Nigeria TV show, the finalists have been engaged in media rounds. Bisola who ended up with the second spot at the show has seized the opportunity to reiterate her belief in Efe all through the show.
On Efe, she told pressmen in Lagos on Tuesday, April 11, 2017 that she always saw him as a winner even in their early days in the house, citing his aura and likeable persona as factors he had going for him.
She said:
“I had always felt that Efe was going to win even Big Brother used to ask who I thought would win so when all my closest friends were evicted the one person I knew in the house was Efe.”
She also talked about her relationship with the rest of the housemates who were close to her one way or the other:
“He deserved to win, I liked him from day one. I can’t really say what I saw but I think he has this aura that makes people like him. I had a close rapport with Marvis, TTT, Bally and Soma; although he left early.”
Then she shed light on the journey of persistence and belief she embarked on before landing a spot in the Big Brother House.
She said:
“It took me nine years to get into the Big Brother house, that’s winning. Making it to the finals was also a big win for me. I wouldn’t love to try it again though, this one experience is enough to last a lifetime.
“This is not my first stint with reality shows, the first one was about my passion for music but Big Brother was for me to show what I can do.”
Revealing her plans to go back to school at some point, she also said she will continue her career in movies and music.
Already a rising actress, this shouldn’t pose any issues for her as she already has a decent fan base following her time in the house.
She continued:
“I’m definitely going to try music and movies, I don’t know which would flourish more but there is no harm in trying.
“I left radio because of my passion for acting. I was trying my hands on a lot of things and radio was one of them. I plan to go back to school but now I will major in something I am really passionate about which is film production.”
The Big Brother Nigeria reality show came back after a 10-year break and gathered unending reviews from fans and critics with some maintaining the show was too raunchy and others stressing that it passed on no moral values for the viewers.

Whatever the case, the show remains huge success owing to the social media feedbacks and numbers it garners on a daily basis from viewership and rave reviews.

Watch a Facebook livestream on Big Brother Nigeria below:



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